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How much C60 is generally used?

When discussing the amount of carbon 60 which is generally used it is important to remember that everyone is unique. This means that the exact right dosage depends on a multitude of factors such as: body weight, composition, age, intent of use and regular diet.

Define: Standard recommended daily use of C60

Although the natural variation per individual could be quite significant , the general recommendation is set at 5ml of C60 oil per day which accounts to 4 milligrams of carbon 60. This daily recommended dose is mostly based on prior research on toxicity and is considered a safe dosage for adults (independent of the unique individual factors). A study on mammals which tried to determine the toxicity levels of C60 found that even at levels of over 2ml/kg of bodyweight no toxicity was observed. To put this in perspective: this is 40 times the recommended dosage for an average person.

Dose: How (and when) to use C60

If you know what dosage you want to use the next step is to find out how to dose this (how to use the wanted quantity of C60 oil). C60 oil can be taken in various ways. Some people prefer to use a pipette (included in your Natural C60 box), others prefer to fill a teaspoon while some might even just sip directly from the bottle. The table  below shows the general guidelines for different used tools. Furthermore, it is recommended to consume C60 oil in the morning on an empty stomach. General theory learns that the liver functions best in this state and a realistic expectation would be that this could aid the body’s absorption of Carbon 60.

Tool Content
Pipette (full) ± 5 ml
Pipette (graduated part) ± 1 ml
Teaspoon (average tsp.) ± 5 ml


Pipette dosing

Adapt & Experiment: How to differentiate based upon your unique needs

Dosing based on body weight is the simplest and most common adaptation made on the intake of C60 oil. Since prior studies have been based on smaller mammals than humans one naturally has to adjust significantly to achieve an estimate any recommendation for humans. Instead of a linear translation, scientists usually use ​allometric conversions to adjust diet intake for body weight. Based on this conversion below table provides some guidelines on how to adjust C60 intake based on one’s body weight.

​Next to body weight, as discussed in the introduction, many personal factors could be at play. Given the novelty of Carbon 60 it is hard to provide specific guidelines on each of the potential factors. We stimulate you to do your own research, on the web, as well as with personal use. As always, we are very excited to hear your thoughts.

Kilograms of body weight Daily intake of C60 oil Teaspoon
40 2.75 ml 3/4
50 3.25 ml 3/4
60 4.00 ml 1
70 4.50 ml 1
80 5.25 ml 1 1/4
90 5.75 ml 1 1/4
100 6.50 ml 1 1/2
110 7.00 ml 1 1/2
120 7.75 ml 1 3/4

Weight adjusted daily C60 intake based on allometric scaling

Dose related side-effects

Although the side effects of the intake of C60 tend to be very minimal / mild, one sometimes reported effect in the first couple of days of using C60 are mild headaches. This is an indication that the starting dose is too high. People whose bodies are relatively unfamiliar with high levels of antioxidants can in some cases require some weeks to adjust to the new diet. However, people with relatively healthy dietary patterns seldom observe any dose related side effects after starting Carbon 60 intake.