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Was ist Fulleren C60?

In principle C60 is a collection of 60 carbon atoms resulting from synthesising graphite in a lab facility. In its synthesised form, its appearance is much like a black powder with some crystal-like shining properties. Synthesis of carbon 60 is a complex and resource intensive process which only a handful of laboratories can carry out. This pure, solvent free, carbon 60 powder is the starting point for our Natural C60 oil solutions. 

After synthesis, the resulting Carbon 60 can be classified as a highly potent anti-oxidant, which makes it an excellent source for combating free-radicals. This in turn makes C60 a very interesting proponent of many potential health benefits. The disadvantage of pure powdered c60 is its limited bioavailability (its ability to be absorbed by the human body). On the contrary, several oils turned out to be able to bind very well with carbon 60 and are because of the richness of essential fats easily absorbed by the human body. 

Carbon 60 powder