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Benefits of use

Carbon 60 is a super antioxidant (130 times more potent than vitamin C). Understanding the key benefits of carbon 60 therefore starts with understanding the way antioxidants work. The importance of antioxidants comes from the basics of how cells in the human body are subject to a continuous process of oxidation (or oxidative stress). Oxidative stress causes initially healthy cells to become damaged by so-called free radicals and although this is a natural process, the pace at which this happens is determined by our genetic profile lifestyle and nutritional patterns. Some factors (among many more) which can increase oxidative stress are:

  • UV exposure
  • Stress
  • Nutrition
  • Pollution
  • Smoking / alcohol consumption

Naturally it isn’t possible to isolate ourselves completely from all potential sources of heightened oxidative stress. Thankfully, next to making an effort to reduce oxidative stress we have another crucial tool to combat free radicals: Antioxidants.  We can obtain these antioxidants from different sources in a healthy diet or in food supplements. Vitamin E and Vitamin C are excellent antioxidants for example. The antioxidant potency of carbon 60 seems to be the most direct explanation of the incredible health benefits found in numerous academic studies.

Mechanism of antioxidants
So, this mechanism of fighting free radicals, what health benefits could it offer?

1. Anti Ageing

The concept of ageing is pretty broad and encompasses all sorts of deficiencies humans develop once they grow older. Examples of such are: reduced eye vision, wrinkling skin, loss of muscular and bone strength, hearing impairment and dementia. According to the free radical theory of ageing, it is free radicals that impair existing healthy cells and therefore are the basis of ageing over time. Carbon 60 is believed to potentially slow this process down and, when used over longer periods of time. Indeed, some university studies have reported impressive life span results.

Healthy ageing

2. Reduced formation of cancer cells

You might have wondered when reading about the factors affecting oxidative stress: aren’t these similar to many of the factors related to causing cancer? That is correct. Next to the genetic influence in the development of cancer tumors during someone lifetime, also the environmental conditions play a significant part here. The concept of free radicals’ impact in tumor promotion is well understood within the scientific community. Hence, the superior antioxidant mechanism of carbon 60 could play a significant role into reducing the likelihood of tumors forming over time. Laboratory studies have indeed shown that test animals receiving C60 had a much smaller chance of developing tumors over their life span.

3. Anti-inflammatory function

Inflammation is something everyone will get affected by at some point. Although some extend of inflammation actually is a useful biological mechanism, in reality the human body often overreacts on acute inflammation. And maybe not known very well: inflammation plays a major part in the progression of various chronic diseases such as: diabetes, asthma, cardiovascular disease and chronic lung disease. A well-studied potential benefit of carbon 60 is its mechanism to vastly reduce inflammation and bring it to levels where it can help the human body instead of harm it. Often inflammation can also cause long term effects on peoples’ skin. Besides the reports from scientific studies, one of the most commonly reported result of people experimenting with C60 themselves is its profound healing properties for the skin.  

Anti-inflammatory function

4. Immune system booster

It is a well-known fact that an adequate activation of immune cells is vital for a harmonic and efficient response against a potentially dangerous viruses and bacteria. Low antioxidant levels are linked with higher susceptibility to infections and inadequate responses of our immune system.  A study performed by the University of Tubingen has found that the use of carbon 60 is associated with immune cells that have anti-inflammatory proprieties and are the first cells that protect our immune system against harmful microbes. So, how this information is related with C60’s antioxidative propriety?  The answer is simple: since our immune system is severely affected by an excess of oxygen radicals, the C60 capacity of blocking the excess of reactive oxygen species may protect our immune system against cellular damage and improve its performance.